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Awesome show!

Love love love this show. The hosts are so funny and have great chemistry. A must listen!! 🤩

Can’t recommend enough!

Love these girls! Great podcast!


My friend had lost her brother to murder and these ladies did a story on him and I was so impressed on how they did it! They had so much respect for him and his family. I ended up binge listening to all of the episodes on a road trip. Will definitely recommend to everyone!

Definitely recommend

These girls are wonderful! I listen to this podcast religiously and I recommend to all my friends !

Great stories

I love the stories and really appreciate all of the research that goes onto each one. The ladies themselves seem like awesome ppl too

Down to earth hilarious

Love these girls! They are well researched, and very funny!


I’ve listened to 5 of their podcasts so far and these young ladies are entertaining. I’d say it’s kinda like ‘Morbid’ podcasts but they don’t try to emulate....which is important. You can tell they do their research and don’t rely on what other Podcasts say about the crimes they’re talking about each week. Keep up the great work!